Boogeyman vs undertaker

Boogeyman vs undertaker real

Now as black people, we need to stop making excuses and live up to his expectations of us as well. We have something to prove to ourselves and to the world. THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE AND THAT IS THE HUMAN RACE!! HiLite IS CHATTIN SH!T NYWAYZ IM S SPAM GLAD THAT WAS ALL EVERY1 WAS TALKIN ABOUT MY COLLEGE 2DAY said it, we will remember this forever. It was the day America officially broke down. messed around and hired a PIMP for President, dayum shame. But youll never be able to tell Black people that. All they saw was skin color. I seen and heard people saying Dr. Kings dream is coming true. They dont realize Dr. Kings dream was about coloring blindness, in both directions. So all these people that voted for Osama because he was Black, just pushed race relations back 50yrs and they do see it. Osama is not Black, hes a White-African American. to KEVIN JOHNSON on becoming the first Black American mayor in Sacramentos history. KJ do the dayum thing and do a good job so you can run for VP in Some of you guys sound so ignorant!! Why would white people be upset that Obama was elected? He still is half white, remember? He was raised by his white this is a happy day for all races. Unfortunately, because he has an ounce of Black in him he is considered by America as Black which is not fair, but he will always be the son of a white woman and the grandson of a white family. None of that will ever change and he probably checks theOther box when filling out surveys!! WHEN MY CHILDREN WOKE UP I TOLD BOTH OF MY GIRLS THAT OBAMA WON, BECAUSE BEFORE THEY WENT TO SLEEP MY 2 YEAR OLD WHEN I ASK HER WHO THE PRESIDENT GOING TO BE SHE WAS LIKE OBAMAAA. HAHAHA DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TODAY. RAPPERS PLEASE TAKE RAP BACK TO THE LATE 80S EARLY 90S. CALLING FOR MORE NAS, JEEZY, RAKIM, KRS-ONE, CUBE, PE, PARIS, SCARFACE, JAY-Z. CALLING ALL RAPPERS TO CHANGE THE GAME AND UNITE AND MAKE YOUR OWN DISTRIBUTOR COMPANY AND FUCCK THESE EXECS THAT WANT TO KEEP PUSHING DRUG RAP. THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST!!!! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST!!!! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST!!!! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST!!!! Italy was delightful. Did yall miss me? I am so proud to be an American, and to have taken the advantage to vote. I also thank everyone who voted. WE DID IT!!! never seen any other side of his family never had to boogeyman vs undertaker real with anything blacks go thru hes African, not black and we all know most Africans do not consider themselves Black and they actually dislike Black people One of the proudest days of my moment to be shared with future Obama stated, we can now look at our children and honestly say that anything is This is a beautiful, blessed Our children now have role models, so please use this achievement in our history to make some changes. Educate our children so that the stereotype can, as women we need to mock Michelle Obama and keep it classy. You do not need to get attention with your body but your brains. Men take care of your children, get your education and strive to be as successful as Barack.

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